"Before I met with Iliana, I thought I already had most of my answers - they just needed tweaking. After one session, I realised that not only did I not have the answers but I was asking myself the wrong questions. This has been an exciting, liberating and empowering journey; Iliana is insightful, perceptive, sensitive and so very knowledgeable. Her questions will change everything! In just four months, she has inspired me to create, launch and grow a new business. I'm very grateful to her."

Nicky, Entrepreneur

"I was at a major crossroads in my career when I met Iliana. I felt comfortable and fulfilled in my current role and company but wanted to take a very different direction - a direction that would most likely take me through the last 20 years of my career. Iliana helped me figure out what was important to me, what I valued and what work truly inspired me.  From there she guided me to build a plan of concrete next steps and actions to start the process of changing the direction of my career.  I have now started on this journey and am amazed at the progress I have been able to make in just a few months."

Rich, Marketing Director

“When I first heard about the idea of a coach my reaction was instant skepticism but I was persuaded by a friend to try it. It is a very strange concept to consider that someone can actually teach to you to think better, but that, to me, is what Iliana does. I am now pleasantly self-conscious of the way I behave and the way I think, this has enabled me to take a more balanced approach to the mistakes I have been making and finding various solutions to fix whatever the problem is. I am more structured in my approach to both business and personal life."

Stephen, Entrepreneur

“I started with Iliana after an important move in my career, which represented a big challenge. The sessions provided me with a framework to help identify the projects I want to work on. From our first meeting, Iliana really made me think about what I wanted to do, structuring my goals and building an action plan in a way that I had never thought of before. Iliana has an upbeat manner and is very strategic and professional. I really feel I am in a different place after having just a few sessions with her and I'm grateful for everything that I’ve learned in this process and how much it has made me grow personally and professionally.

Daphne Perez Rojas, Head of HR, Morgan Stanley Mexico.

Tomé el proceso durante un momento muy importante de mi carrera profesional, y me ayudó a tomar decisiones trascendentales de las que no estaba seguro, el coaching que recibí de Iliana ha sido un factor muy importante para darle un giro a mi carrera y empezar con proyectos que veía muy lejanos y difícil de ejecutar”

Guillermo Iglesias, Management Consultant

"Working with Iliana has really helped me move forward in understanding the next steps I will take in my career. She somehow enabled me to finally tackle some of the deep questions that I was struggling to get past. Her style is encouraging and fills you with confidence about your potential. I would highly recommend her."

Claire Chudziak, Sustaintability Expert

“Coaching helps you to ask the right questions... If you are too immersed in a situation to see a way forward Iliana will help you step back and take a wiser decision.”

Patricia Heaney, Solicitor

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